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Joyce A Meck, nature and wildlife artist, received her Associates Degree from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh in 1969. Joyce and her husband have lived in Maui, Hawaii, from January of 1998 through January of 2007. They now reside in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Joyce is also an avid, semi-professional photographer.

"I am considered a realist, as opposed to an impressionist or abstract artist. While my subject is true to form, I will sometimes 'pour', spatter or throw paint on the backgrounds as a more informal approach. I often use many glazing layers to achieve a color or effect, maintaining the transparent look of watercolor. Occasionaly, I also use acrylics, casein, and dry pigments.

Rather than being labeled as a realist or any other type of artist, I prefer being known as an artist who successfully executed what I tried to accomplish. Nearly every piece I attempt is an exercise in something new for me and, hopefully, I have been successful invoking a timeless feeling of being one with nature in my audience.

The Creator of Heaven and Earth is my biggest inspiration. Nature is intricate, everchanging and simply awsome. The mountains can appear different every day, depending on the weather, and the sea seems a breathing entity. Birds in their natural habitat are my special interest, and the endangered, rare and extinct birds of Hawaii are exotic. I paint what inspires me with all its splendor, detail and mood, not to duplicate, but to appreciate."

Joyce in her Maui Studio


Joyce is represented by:



Lahaina Art Society (trustee on the Board of Directors)

New Mexico Watercolor Society
Corrales Art Society

Lancaster County Art Association (past)

Audubon Artists (past)

Banyan Tree Gallery, Lahaina, HI
Maui Hands, Hyatt Regency, Ka'anapali,
..... Maui - Featured Artist, June 2006
Avalene Gallery, Makawao, HI (honorable mention)
Moongate, Lancaster, PA
Moravian Manor, Lititz, PA (one artist show)
Audubon Artists 2002 in NYC
Escapades, Makawao, HI (one artist show)

New Art International, 2002
Book Art Press, released November 2002

CA, HI, PA, IN, TN, MN, MO, Canada, Germany


Birds | Land & Sea | Florals | Aquatics | Pets | Kimonos | Gourds | Work in Progress | Note Cards

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